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What Is Alphainventions.com?

Alphainventions.com is a help guide fo anyone that would like to learn new ways to share their ideas and projects through the Web via platforms like websites or whatever is prefered.

I’m just a regular person that spent years on the Web in search of unique ways to manipulate Internet technology so I could communicate to people all over the world exactly how I wanted to.

Alphainventions.com was started off as a project to help steer the brain toward the alpha wave using binaural tones but I needed to host my Metablog software project somewhere and it became popular before I had a chance to create a name that fit what it did.

What did it do?

It simply pulled blogs that were recently updated from the RSS feed published by Google Blogs every few seconds into an iframe located on the front page.   As people on alphainventions.com  watched the blogs go by traffic was being generated for bloggers and myself.   To make along story short a snowball of millions poured in and my life was dedicated to something I had no intention of becoming a service.

Knowing Google Blogs RSS feed would stop providing fresh blogs for me to showcase to my curious visitors, I had to find a way to get traffic on my own the natural way because paying for traffic was something I couldn’the imaging doing after being spoiled to free traffic.  I learned how and a lot more.

Alphainventions.Com slowly faded out as competition grew smarter and my life began to go down a path that creativity couldn’t thrive.

Fortunately I was smart enough to seek out my loyal users of the service and befriend them on more popular social networks so that they could see I was just as human as they were and so I could get a better idea of the lives that were affected by something I created out of curiosity.

Now that I’ve been through life lessons the Internet couldn’t teach I feel I can be even more useful to webmasters and Web developers that are just starting out or that have been around.

The Good Stuff Please!

This written guide will be in the form of a project to help myself implement what I’ve learned during and after alphainventions to become a more successful webmaster so that you can become one too!

See what real people like you say about Cheru and his creation at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Cheru/Jackson

Thank your for comments and feedback used to help thousands of people reading alphainventions.com!