Of course we’re talking about turning an idea to something that can be used on the internet.

It can be software that manipulates random data into something meaningful or something you just want to create because nobody else has yet.

I’ve created tons of at the time useless software only to be put in a folder and forgot about until an idea to combine it with current ideas to make something people could actually find useful.

If you have the urge to make something, then get the resources you need to make it and make it.   If it’s not useful at the moment and the thrill is gone from the act of creating it just put it in a folder and when you least expect it you’ll find a way to implement it in your new creative ventures or not.

Try learning different programming languages to see which one you’re most comfortable using your creativity with and find one that will be used for years to come.

After you put your creativity to use then ask a friend or random people to try your invention out so you can collect useful feedback and make it even more useful if you want.

No matter what make sure it is something you enjoy.




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