50 Webpage Promotion & Optimization Techniques

1. Optimize meta tags, media, links, text, and layout to be highly relevant to your niche.
2. Develop a group for loyal users to hold discussions and network with each other.
3. Compose unforgettable material that can make anyone cry from tears of laughter.
4. Write in a format easily understood by young and elderly people reading your content.
5. Provide your link and email address in each comment in-case you need to be contacted for business opportunities.
6. Reduce images with file size compression tools to speed up page load time and reduce the bounce rate.
7. Backup your websites source code files to a secure USB stick.
8. Answer questions asked by your visitors in detail to cover future questions that may rise.
9. Disable music and videos from auto starting, it causes pages to load slow.
10. Save money wasted on traffic not demographically targeting to increase conversions.
11. Start an offline marketing group with friends to boost productivity and word of mouth referrals.
12. Design and code pages to be compatible with most web browsers.
13. Build trust by including professional references to confirm questions you answer.
14. Title font size over 18px looks unprofessional and font size under 12px is hard to read.
15.Compose up-to-date material and fear publishing duplicate articles.
16. Meta tags remain essential for webpages, yet have become less important to optimize.
17. Place contact info in easy to find location to show users feedback is wanted.
18. When your website becomes successful don’t be afraid share techniques.
19. Compete with webmasters in the same niche ranking higher than you.
20. Use feedback ranking services that offer insight used to optimize code, text, style and rank.
21. Gain loyalty by applying feedback from visitors to improve functionality page structure.
22. Network with your customers and frequent returning visitors via social networks.
23. Signatures in email/forum posts are great for effortless marketing.
24. Buy top level domain names that have less than 20 characters to reduce traffic loss from lazy web surfers.
25. Ask visitors that return frequently to refer relevant traffic to your website.
26. Send newsletters just to inform subscribers when you have something of value to offer.
27. Place links on your blog that are similar to your content. (fewer than 100)
28. Find out advertising techniques Major sites try to disguise in plain site.
29. Replace irrelevant or broken hyperlinks with links that complement the referring page.
30. Post special articles during holidays for a temporary boost of traffic.
31. Forcing yourself to leave comments is like joining a conversation for attention.
32. Bookmark webpages you enjoy to study features that caught your attention.
33. Name outbound link text to what the page actually does or is about instead of the domain name or title.
34. Search engine optimization can be just as effective as traditional marketing strategies.
35. Use fonts that are easy to read.
36. Start a group of friends with similar interests to help with context creation.
37. Use easy to recall video content to replace text as often as possible.
38. Produce content so valuable that you and your traffic have financial opportunities.
39. Minimal designed layouts are just as effective as websites designed with graphics and scripts. Craigslist?
40. Track visitor behavior for insight on how effective your navigation, content, and design is at increasing time visitors spend on each page.
41. Pay a trusted company to advertise your site if conversions are guaranteed with no risk.
42. Host a scheduled podcast that keeps listeners returning to your website.
43. Share website optimization & marketing techniques failed improve.
44. Install 3rd party widgets until you can replicate similar services they offer and remove them.
45. Compress external images,javascripts and CSS style sheets to increase page rendering.
46. Showcase genuine testimonials found on external websites that frequently provides fresh content.
47. Kill the caps, lowercase text is proven easier to read by having more distinguished letter style.
48. Make your domain name easy to spell weather verbalized or not.
49. Share techniques that produce positive results each time
50. Write descriptions that accurately explains what users will experience.

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